Join Our Chapter

Prospective Members

We are excited that you are considering joining our chapter! 

The path to chapter membership is a simple three steps:

  1. Ride with us at least three times within a five-month period.
  2. Join the international Star Touring and Riding Association at
  3. Then chapter members vote on whether to welcome you as a new member.

Continue reading for more details on each of these three steps, as well as opportunities for more chapter involvement for new members:

Step 1: Ride with us

Riders of all ages, genders, and nationalities are welcome to come ride with us, as long as you:

  • Have a current Driver’s License with a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Have current insurance on your motorcycle.
  • Complete and sign a Star Touring Ride Waiver. (Link to the right)
  • Read the Ride Rules. (Link to the right)

We also recommend that you watch the Group Riding videos (Link to the right) to become familiar with our riding style.

We ask that you attend our meetings and rides at least three times within a five-month period. (extra time allotted for months with cancelled rides.)

These first three rides give you a chance to learn our riding style and feel safe riding with us, and give us a chance to feel safe riding with you. During these introductory rides, a chapter Shepherd and other chapter officers will be available to you to answer questions and coach you as you adapt to riding in our group.

For more information about our group rides, check out our Ride With Us section.

Step 2: Join STAR

After your third ride, you must join the international Star Touring And Riding Association at to continue riding with us. You can become a member of Star Touring and Riding Association at any time, with no requirements except to pay the annual membership fee. Joining Star Touring and Riding Association is a requirement to become a chapter member, and entitles you to all MEMBER BENEFITS, but does not make you a chapter member. STAR also offers a free trial membership if you would like to ride with us beyond the initial three rides, but are not yet ready to become a full member.

Step 3: Chapter Vote

After you complete the above steps, we will hold a vote with our current chapter members at our next monthly meeting. The outcome of the vote will be one of three things:

  • Typically, if you’ve been on at least three of our rides and had a good enough time to want to stay, we welcome you as the newest member of our chapter!
  • We may also decide that we need some more time to get to know each other, and propose another chapter vote at a later date.
  • There is a rare chance that we may feel that our fit isn’t a good one, and decline your membership in our chapter. Even if this happens, your membership with STAR is still valid, and we will happily refer you to ride with a neighboring chapter that may be a better fit.

Chapter Involvement Opportunities for New Members

After joining our chapter, you are required to attend at least 50% of all chapter meetings and rides to maintain your chapter membership in good standing. We would hope to see you at all of them! Group riding is only fun when there is a group to ride with, so we want you to be an active part of that group!

After riding with us for a year, you are welcome and encouraged to pursue becoming a Tail Gunner. This will require you to gain experience in the role by going on three rides (and their pre-rides) as acting tail gunner with an existing tail gunner and road captain coaching you along the way and providing training materials and dialogue. After completing the three sets of rides, if the road captains and tail gunners you trained with feel you are ready, you will be awarded a Tail Gunner rocker at our next chapter meeting.

After being an active Tail Gunner for a year, you are welcome and encouraged to pursue becoming a Road Captain. Training for this is exactly the same as Tail Gunner, by doing three rides as an acting Road Captain, with an experienced Road Captain on your wing. After completing the three rides, there will be a chapter vote before awarding you the road captain rocker. The chapter vote is an important expression of commitment and trust from the members that they are willing to follow you and your directions on our chapter rides.

Becoming a Tail Gunner or Road Captain, is not as a much a badge of honor, as a commitment of time and service. You will be giving up weekend projects and family outings to go explore and pre-ride routes for the chapter rides you support. It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of time, and we are happy to train up and support any member who is willing to do it.

At the end of your first calendar year of membership, you will get to participate in our annual voting for new Chapter President and Vice President, and the reappointment of other chapter officers for the following year. Because we vote on new leaders each year, there are lots of opportunities for leadership and service. If there is an officer position you are interested in, please let the Chapter President know! We are always looking for volunteers to help take care of chapter administration.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to riding with you!